I’ve had a number of people ask what is up with the new Welinske.com site and what will happen with WritersUA.com.

Most of the original content displayed over the years on WritersUA.com has been researched and written by me. Since I do a lot of contracting and consulting, I felt it would make more sense to have that info under a self-branded page. That makes it more straightforward to describe my public training events and presentations. I also get a lot of questions from people who want to be members of WritersUA, as if it is an association. This should clear that up. Guest articles from my colleagues can easily get posted on the new site.

Since I’m using WordPress for this site, I found I could create a richer and more efficient directory of resources. I’m in the process of validating resources that are on the WritersUA site and moving them over. That will take some time as I need to contact the various vendors. There is a link to WritersUA in main menu of this site to make it easy to get to that site. Eventually, the WritersUA version will go away.

The WritersUA annual conference information has always been on a site within a site. So that will continue. The Welinske.com site will link to the new site for the annual conference. The WritersUA site is well-linked on the web. I’ll keep it going to make sure visitors find their way to the information they are looking for.