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We Call Them “Windows Store” Apps

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Mary Jo Foley provided an update on the renaming of “Metro-style” apps on the Windows Weekly podcast (1:02:00) this past Thursday. The new label is “Windows Store” apps. That matches up with the change that I had observed on the MS developer pages and noted last week.

I don’t understand this name. The purpose of the Metro-style term was to describe the look and feel of the new breed of Windows 8 apps. While many of those apps will be available through the store, they can also be distributed to users in other ways. It is hard to believe that Microsoft couldn’t come up with something sexier to describe the most significant UI change they’ve had in a dozen years.

Also in the post I made last week, I mentioned that I heard several consultants use the term “modern” apps. Foley addressed that as well. Her Microsoft contact told her that Modern was “a generic category of apps on connected clients connecting up to continuous services.” I’m not exactly sure what to do with that information.