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Training and Speaking

Joe Welinske offers customized training in many areas of technical communication. He is also available to speak at public and private events on a variety of topics.

Fundamentals of Technical Writing

Many organizations can benefit be instilling best practices for technical writing for their employees. Existing training materials can be adapted for the specific needs of your business. Topics include:

  • Getting Started – An introduction to the course and the world of technical communication
  • Forms of Technical Communication – An overview of the variety of content and media types that is common to technical communication
  • Analyzing your Audience – The importance of understanding your audience and techniques to effectively support them
  • Planning your Documents – The type and structure of typical technical communication documents
  • Style and Language – The elements that enhance and fine-tune your content
  • Collaboration – The roles and task flows within typical documentation teams
  • Storytelling – The importance of a theme and a beginning, a middle, and an end
  • Reference Information – Describing and defining comprehensively and with authority
  • General Workplace Communication – A technical twist on basic workplace communication techniques
  • Proposals – A plan or suggestion put forward for consideration or discussion by others.
  • Reports – An account of something that one has observed, heard, done, or investigated
  • Visual Design – The elements of designing and rendering effective images in popular formats
  • Visual Design – The elements for designing and implementing effective page design
  • Procedures and Instructions – Describing how something should be done, operated, or assembled
  • Software User Assistance – The many components of comprehensive support for users of software
  • Designing a Presentation – Basic techniques for developing and conducting a live report
  • Usability Testing – Evaluating documents and products in the context of real-life scenarios
  • Videos – The challenges and opportunities of animation and live-action recordings as a communication medium
  • Publishing – Popular schemes, technologies, and tools for delivering content
  • Writing for Small – Issues and techniques for content presented in a small amount of space
  • Writing for Touch – Issues and techniques for content associated with touch interfaces
  • SEO / Metadata – The importance of tagging and indexing content for search engine optimization