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This directory is here to provide quick links to the best resources for communication in the software UX.

You are welcome to submit your own listings in the following categories: Software Tools, Blogs, Web Sites, Communities & Groups, and Recorded Presentations.

A more comprehensive list is available on the WritersUA site. That information is being migrated to here.

Software Tools

Adobe RoboHelp 9 software is an easy-to-use solution for technical communicators to author, collaborate, personalize, and optimize content for help systems, policies and procedures, and professional knowledgebases for multichannel, multidevice publishing.
Adobe Systems Inc.
Flare – MadCap Software
Flare – MadCap Software
MadCap Flare | Documentation for Any Audience, Language or Format
Forget about bloated user interfaces and incomprehensible help authoring tools: HelpNDoc provides the most advanced functionalities in their simplest form. Creating HTML and CHM help files is usually a painful process but thanks to HelpNDoc you may surprise yourself enjoying it! Producing Word and PDF manuals, ePub and Kindle eBooks is as easy while the amazing template engine will let you generate iPhone specific documentation websites in a snap.
IBE Software
If you see it, you can Snagit. Capture any size image your PC can handle in a snap, and share it just as fast. From something small to an entire page that scrolls, Snagit has you covered. Grab exactly what you want, when you want it, every time.
TechSmith Corporation
An open-source term checker for ASD Simplified Technical English (ASD-STE100).