YouTube recently announced a new feature called Questions. It gives you the ability to embed multiple choice questions into your instructional videos. I tried it out by adding a question to a short snippet I tool at the Puyallup State Fair last week. The questions pops up five seconds into the video and you can see it here:

YouTube video

The viewer makes an answer selection. If the selection is correct, the video continues. Otherwise, a hint appears. The viewer can override the question by clicking the Play button.

You access the feature through the YouTube Video Manager.

  1. Choose to Edit your video. A new item – Questions – has been added to the right of Captions.
  2. Click on Questions, then click Add question. The New Question form appears.
  3. Type your question in the Title field.
  4. Add as many answer choices as you would like in the Answers fields. You could have a pair of true/false responses or multiple choice. The correct answer is specified with a radio button.
  5. In the Time field, specify how many seconds into the clip to display the question. Adding a Hint is optional.
  6. Click Save changes and the video is ready to roll.

You can add more questions or delete existing ones.

The only enhancement I can see right now would be the ability to add the question while viewing the video so you can drop it into the right spot.

This is an interesting concept and something I will try to put to more practical use on one of my instructional videos.

Question item in Video Manager

Question settings