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People-powered Online Translation: Alconost Nitro

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Have you ever needed to translate a tiny text urgently, when dictionaries are useless, Google Translate is hopeless, and the clock is ticking? Alconost Nitro ( is a professional online translation service that will rescue you from this all-too-common jam.

Say that you need to write to business partners in other countries and understand their reply. Or you need to answer questions from a client in Spain. Or you have to translate a marketing brochure ASAP for a German expo. Whether you need to ask a Chinese phone manufacturer about prices or just really want a Japanese or Latin phrase for your new tattoo, you can’t leave the job to amateurs and translation bots. A bad translation can be embarrassing and costly.

The methods people used pre-Nitro range from amusing to painful: dusting off old dictionaries and pulling an all-nighter, paying a foreign language major at the local college, or offering a beer the next time your friend-of-a-friend who knows Polish comes by. No more. Try Alconost Nitro and there’s no going back to these primitive methods of translation.

Using Alconost Nitro is just like using an automatic online translator, but with one huge difference: the translation is performed by professional translators who are native speakers of the language. The text you get is a real translation with all the trimmings, not word soup. Speed Human translation, in the case of Alconost Nitro, can take from a few minutes to over 24 hours. The translation speed depends on a few factors: the amount and type of text, number of available translators, and current workload of each translator. Half of all orders are finished in under two hours, with 95% finished within 24 hours of submission.  Languages The service currently includes around 70 professional translators in over 30 translation pairs, including: •    From English into: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Swedish, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Turkish, Hebrew, and Latin. •    Into English from: French and Russian.

Apart from translation, you can order proofreading services. Lots of webmasters, software developers, Internet entrepreneurs, engineers, owners of online stores and offline businesses are already using Nitro.
Nifty bonus for WritersUA readers
As a special gift to everyone who’s read this far, Alconost will give you free credit to use on Nitro. You can get a free small translation and see how convenient the service is. To get your coupon, write a message to with “I love WritersUA” in the subject line and indicate your Nitro username in the message body.

One Comment

  1. Alice
    Alice Professional French Translation

    Okay, me personally was looking for English to French Translation not a software one I need for my legal documents. It took

    me whole day to drive around the city and call my friends if anyone has ever came across and finally one of my friends just

    told me, “Dude, what is internet for”. So I went on Google and started to look over for some services, and you can’t even

    imagine those websites with ads on Google were not just expensive but also very bad quality and you might be thinking how did I know about the quality? because I did sent my documents with the same translation and I received a very unpleasant reply.

    So I started my research online and BAM!! Found what I need
    it is absolutely amazing on prices, quality and customer support that I even referred one my friends who is dealing most often with European clients especially French and I did got some free beer 😛 he was happy to find such a professional service



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