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Introducing SmartDocs 2.1

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ThirtySix Software is excited to introduce SmartDocs 2.1! As all SmartDocs authors know, we innovate our product to reflect the ever-evolving needs of our customers, and v 2.1 is no different.
Over the past 3 years we have had the pleasure of working with companies in a wide variety of industries who are optimizing content reuse and content management with SmartDocs for many different document types. Technical writers, sales proposal writers, grant writers, instructional designers, and many other types of authors are taking advantage of all that SmartDocs has to offer.
With SmartDocs, companies can optimize the tools that they already have. SmartDocs integrates Microsoft Word and SharePoint to transform your authoring environment into a full content management solution. Now we have designed even more powerful capabilities to help writers store, track, find, reuse, manage, and publish their content.
SmartDocs creates a collaborative environment for writers to access reusable content. Even more importantly, SmartDocs encourages reuse by providing a variety of tools that lead writers to existing content, automate document assembly, and allow full control for content managers over how content is being used.
Here are some of our favorite new features…
SMARTBUILDERS Your company’s template authors create customized interview-style wizards that will help writers easily assemble new documents from existing reusable content.
CONTENT MAP Similar in concept to Microsoft Word’s document map feature, the SmartDocs content map provides a structured outline view of a document so you can easily identify where SmartDocs content exists in the document and what its current status is. An excellent way to get an overview of your document, assess completion, identify areas that require attention, etc.
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And here are just some of the enhancements to core features that you’ll find in SmartDocs 2.1.
SMARTFINDERS SmartFinders are a favorite among authors. Now writers have the ability to insert multiple snippets from a single SmartFinder and tell SmartDocs in what order those snippets should be inserted into the document.
REUSABLE SNIPPETS We have made several enhancements to the capabilities around reusable snippets:
• The ability to create snippets from floating objects and images
• Support for nested snippets
• The ability to manage and edit snippets outside of the context of a document
• The ability to automatically update all snippets in a document to the latest version
• And other performance improvements
REUSABLE VARIABLES Variables are now even more flexible to work with in and across documents:
• Create pick lists of variable options to provide writers with approved values
• More flexibility assigning styles to variables
• Ability to convert variable values to hyperlinks during the publishing step
CONDITIONAL TEXT Our already powerful conditional text capabilities, which far surpass anything in other known applications, have been even further enhanced to provide more options, usability, and flexibility.
USAGE HISTORY Know what content is being reused, who is using it, and where. With enhanced functionality and reporting information, SmartDocs Usage History helps content managers track content usage and helps writers manage updates quickly, easily, and accurately.
Ready to see SmartDocs 2.1 in action? Scheduled webinar demonstrations are available and free. Register today! Visit our website for more information:
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