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Interactive Prototypes for Mobile and Web apps Made Easy

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Justinmind is proud to announce the latest version of its Prototyper. With this platform you can easily create interactive wireframes and prototypes for your web and mobile / tablet apps without any coding. Do you know how to use Powerpoint? Then you’ll know how to use this platform. This prototyping tool allows you to prototype from simple clickable wireframes to highly interactive data driven prototypes that look and work like real apps. You can even add responsive layouts to your prototypes so they adapt to any kind of device and even test them in real mobile devices.

The prototypes can be published in the cloud using the same platform and invite people to take a look at them with their computers or mobile devices. They can also introduce feedback in the same prototype without installing any additional software.

Meet the ultimate communication tool between IT and final users: Justinmind Prototyper

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  1. Ronan Quinn
    Ronan Quinn

    Hi Folks, there’s another prototyping tool you might consider trying – If you feel you need a smarter, faster way to create hi and low fidelity mobile prototyping apps using just a drag and drop tool then share with friends, colleagues and clients for fast feedback and also try it out on your own phone using a simple qr code check out

    Also see our new easy to follow ‘how to get started’ video clips on YouTube
    Hope this helps! 🙂
    Ronan (Fluid UI)


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