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HelpSmith 4.1 Released.

Posted in Product News

We are pleased to announce the release of HelpSmith 4.1. The new HelpSmith update adds conditional compilation functionality making it possible for technical writers to compile different versions of the same help system easily. Now you can use build tags and define when specific help topics or individual content blocks should be included into the output help system.

Conditional compilation is a powerful feature which is useful in many different cases such as creating a help system for different editions of the same product, creating custom builds of the help system for partners, or working on new content that should not be released immediately. Also, it is useful when you need to include some content only in a specific help format, and so on.

With conditional compilation, you can include or exclude topics or content blocks to/from the compiled help system. Thus, there is no need to create and edit a separate copy of the original help project, which would be quite time consuming. Instead, you get the possibility to compile different versions of help files and printed manuals from a single source help project.

You can visit the links below to learn more about the latest HelpSmith update and to download it.

HelpSmith Download Page

HelpSmith Website