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Excel Help language on a Win 8 tablet

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I was at the Microsoft store in Bellevue the other day to get some help from the smart bar, or whatever they call theirs. As I was waiting to get helped, I noticed they had several tablets on the counters showing off Windows 8. I had only played with the OS on laptops up until that point. It definitely makes a difference to play with 8 on the tablet. The gestures and Metro-style app design make more sense and feel right.

One of the things that didn’t feel right was the Help in Excel 2013. When you first open the app, you are presented with the option to try out an embedded tutorial. The tutorial is nicely done because the Help content is part of the spreadsheet data. What seems out-of-place is the language used in the instructions. It is based on Click nomenclature, instead of tap. This is something I have been writing about for a while. We are definitely at an important transitional stage where we need to decide what method we will use to create UA for apps that support multiple types of interactions. In the Excel case, it clearly is not appropriate to use Clicks on a device that does not have a mouse.

Excel 2013 Help in Win 8
Excel 2013 Help in Win 8