UI Text Design and Writing for Touch and Voice Applications and Devices

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These are the slides for the presentation UI Text Design and Writing for Touch and Voice Applications and Devices. New ways of interacting with software, like touch and voice, mean a rethinking of how we develop our associated user assistance. This session describes how micro-concise instructions can significantly improve our users’ initial experience with the mobile apps. It will also cover the vocabulary of touch as it applies to both mobile...

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Key Trends in Software User Assistance

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This is from a webinar originally presented by Joe Welinske to STCLA, Tuesday, January 29, 2013. Below are the slides and recordings for the webinar. User assistance is much more than “Help.” It encompasses a wide range of skills and technologies that are combined to improve the software user’s experience. We contribute through wizards, tutorials, and web-based training. We develop and populate knowledge bases and content...

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Multi-screen Content Authoring

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These are the slides and video recording for the presentation Multi-screen Content Authoring. Joe Welinske introduces the concept of responsive design and multiscreen authoring for technical communicators. It will include demonstrations of how to craft your content to support varying screen dimensions and user interaction types like touch and hand gestures. This technique can be used with any type of content and a variety of authoring...

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Mobile UA – Google Earth

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The Google Earth app for iOS and Android provides an optional interactive tour when you first launch the app. A message box appears asking if you want to take a short tour. Electing to take it displays a text overlay with five sequential tips on how to use your fingers to manipulate the app. In addition to the text, circles appears on the Earth to show you where to place your fingers. Arrows appear to show you how to move them. I think this...

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A Relatively Inexpensive Eye-tracking System

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Eye-tracking is a technology-based technique that can provide some unique insights into how our users interact with a software user interface. There certainly are a number of pros and cons to using eye-tracking. However, the best software designs often come from having a wide variety of research tools at our disposal. Small-business practitioners who would like to conduct their own eye-tracking research often find the relatively high cost of the...

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