Notes from Google I/O

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Last week was Google’s big week for announcements. I had tried to buy a ticket for the conference a couple months ago. The morning that tickets were scheduled to go on sale I got set up with my laptop about thirty minutes in advance. Internet connection: check. Registration page bookmarked: check. Google Wallet set up: check. Accurate time clock: check. At exactly 7am I refreshed the registration page and clicked the button to register....

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First contact user assistance

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One of the more interesting trends in UA is the use of a customer email broadcast to provide Getting Started tips. After a person buys a product or subscribes to a service the vendor sends out an HMTL email message with Getting Started tips. When these kinds of messages are done thoughtfully I think they can be extremely valuable. Apple does a really good job with this. I made online mail orders for both the iPad and iPhone 4. Before I received...

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