Fluid Topics makes use of topics in their native DITA format in order to leverage the consistency and richness of their structure: by combining Semantic Web technologies for content modeling and enrichment, advanced web 2.0 user interfaces and social oriented features, our solution revolutionizes the way users access, read and value the documentation.

To go from static documentation in the form of PDF files or HTML pages to a lively, simple and interactive online publication system, Fluid Topics includes:

- an ultra fast and relevant semantic search engine

- reading interfaces that are fluid, dynamic and 100% web based

- annotations, feedbacks and alerts

- custom document creation

- tools to animate your documentation portal with context-sensitive messages

- a complete back-office for analyzing usage and configuring the solution

Fluid Topics is available in three versions:

- Essential includes all search and read functions, as well as tools for analyzing and communicating with users.

- Premium adds collaborative features for users, such as portal authentication, saved queries, bookmarks, comments and personalized documentation.

- Corporate lets you link Fluid Topics to your IT system with controlled access based on rights associated with user profiles (authentication through your LDAP or SSO), add non-XML documents, unify searching with complementary sources, such as catalogs, knowledge bases, etc.

Fluid Topics meets your requirements and adapts to your technical, operational and financial constraints:

- SaaS mode to start immediately, without investing in software or hardware, and without mobilizing your technical teams. With our private and secure Cloud, we guarantee the availability and quality of service you expect. You remain focused on your activities and Fluid Topics takes care of the rest.

- On-premises license to meet your organization’s confidentiality requirements or because you have a capital expenditure budget. Our solutions are easy to implement and we support your teams during the deployment and then during operational phases.

With Fluid Topics:

- Analyze the way your users use your documentation and your products

- Improve users satisfaction, increase their self-reliance

- Lower your support and help-desk costs

- Stay in touch with your customers and communicate with targeted messages

- Reveal the strength of your product by providing an easy access to your documentation

Fluid Topics transforms your documentation into a true lever of your operational and commercial performance: by increasing accessibility to your documentation and promoting the variety of ways in which it can be used, your support costs are reduced. You increase the satisfaction and commitment of your ecosystem.

For more information or to attend a webinar, please visit http://www.fluidtopics.com